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Upcycling: Benefits, Ingredients & Leading Brands

Upcycled beauty is a growing category amid calls for sustainable philosophies, actions and product launches.

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The “Bees-ness” of Personal Care: Vegan Beeswax Alternatives

In the cosmetics and personal care business, beeswax has long been a favorite ingredient for formulators.


UV Protection Skincare: Benefits & Best Ingredients

Today’s consumers are looking for effective protection from sun damage. But they're also looking for far more than a standard Sun Protection Factor (SPF)...


What Is Blue Light Skincare (And Is It Necessary)?

It’s no secret that spending long hours in front of a screen glowing with blue light can take a toll on your body, causing eye strain, difficulty concentrating, and more.


Hair Conditioning: Benefits & 8 Best Ingredients To Use

At-home hair conditioning products and treatments are enjoying a wave of newly-envisioned formulas and leave-in hair treatments boasting exciting formats and novel ingredients.

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Moisturizing Skincare: Benefits, Types, & Ingredients

Moisturizing is not only the key to supple, swoon-worthy skin but it’s also the foundation for healthy and robust skin. So while moisturizing skincare and its benefits...


Skin Revitalizing Skincare: Benefits & Ingredients

When you think of ”revitalizing,” what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the blossoming of springtime. Perhaps it’s jumping in a cold pool on a hot, sticky summer day.


Ageless Skincare: Benefits & Ingredients for Anti-Aging

The term “anti-aging” in the skincare industry has always been a loaded one, to say the least. We live in a world that puts a high value on keeping a youthful-looking appearance...


Face Oils: Trends, Benefits & Best Products By Skin Type

Face oil shoppers are looking for reliable and responsive skin health products. Consumers seek targeted, efficacious, and aesthetic solutions to suit their skin type...

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8 Best Ingredients for Sensitive Skin (& 5 To Avoid)

Itching, dry patches, and red blotches–oh my! Sensitive skin can (seemingly) strike at any time.


Plant-Based Skincare: Benefits & Best Ingredients To Use

Plants are the original ingredient for cosmetics and skincare. From herbs and honey cleansers to rosewater and almond oil body wash...


Repairing Damaged Hair: Benefits & Best Ingredients To Use

Haircare consumers no longer have to put up with damaged hair, as brands are creating desirable and effective formulations that shoppers use, love, and trust.


Skin Smoothing Skincare: Benefits, Routines, & Best Ingredients

Everyone wants soft, smooth skin. But when the exact opposite result happens, people are often left grasping for answers about why their skincare routine isn’t working.


Curl Power – Every Hair Type Needs a Hero

It’s time for brands to customize solutions that help sustain consumers’ diverse hair textures and empower them with more choices that nourish…


It’s time to experience the new glow up with better, sustainable products

It’s a new dawn, a new day and a new life” for you, and you’re feeling good! Welcome to a renewed age of…


5 Takeaways for Rethinking Sustainability

While many large industry players are leading the charge in sustainability, mid-size and smaller players are joining the push to adopt environmental,…

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What is Beauty with a Clean Slate?

One of the best aspects of the beauty industry is its constant evolution. As formulators and brands, we have endless opportunities to grow, expand…