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Welcome to your personal beauty innovation center. Beauty Ingredients is an immersive creator space and product development hub designed to empower emerging beauty brands. Our vision is to unite communities that bring together innovative solutions around efficacy and performance for all things beauty.

Our collaboration zone offers the latest on-trend, groundbreaking and sustainable ingredient solutions to help indie brands grow. We believe in taking trendsetting beauty ideas forward and fostering innovation at every stage of the beauty and personal care life cycle.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to delivering better, more sustainable—and transformative—products to consumers to sustain them into the future. Combining beauty science with application development support, our beauty ingredient experts are ready to share the latest innovative formulations, recipes and ingredient samples to help brands of all sizes grow and thrive.

Our commitment to sustainable beauty solutions

  • Diverse and inclusive beauty
  • Circular, reusable packaging
  • Eco-friendlier, ethical ingredients
  • Using materials sustainably
  • Bio-based, natural products
  • Greener, cleaner routines
  • Essential, long-lasting formulas