Hair Conditioning

A Conditioner is a conditioning or moisturizing agent generally made up of ingredients such as silicones, oils, and emollients, as well as cationic surfactants (the scientific term for soaps or detergents, which help to wash away the oily elements). When combined, these ingredients replenish hair's moisture after some of it is stripped from shampooing. 

Hair conditioner is a hair care product used to improve the feel, appearance and manageability of hair. Its main purpose is to reduce friction between strands of hair to allow smoother brushing or combing, which might otherwise cause damage to the scalp. Various other benefits are often advertised, such as hair repair, strengthening, or a reduction in split ends. 

Conditioners are available in a wide range of forms including viscous liquids, gels, and creams, as well as thinner lotions and sprays. Hair conditioner is usually used after the hair has been washed with shampoo. It is applied and worked into the hair, and may either be washed out a short time later, or left in.