BioEstolide™ 1300 - Technical Grade - Pail

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A plant based emollient with enhanced stability properties, exceptional moisturization characteristics and a light, satiny feel.
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Grade Technical
SKU 16137864
Package Size 43lb bag
INCI Acetyl Ethylhexyl Polyhydroxystearate
Package Type (25 Kg) Bag
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 0.9203
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Synonyms BioEstolide 1300, Acetyl Ethylhexyl Polyhydroxystearate, BE1300, Octadecanoic Acid_ 12 - Hydroxy-_ Homopolymer_ 2 - Ethylhexyl Ester_ Acetate
Flash Point > 260
CAS 2361055-93-6
Chemical Form Liquid


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