Skin Care

Innovations for targeted skin care solutions.

Consumers are looking for inclusive product ranges formulated for specific skin tones and types.  Positive messaging, relatable and realistic claims are all the new normal.  We’re the destination for brands that need ingredients to excite and delight beauty consumers. 

Beauty is a playground,  explore and find ingredient synergies to help you differentiate while being sustainable.  Our ingredients deliver an array of textures, aesthetics, and formulation chassis possibilities.  Explore our offering of performance-driven and science-based functional ingredients will help you create your next facial and body cleansers, serums, masks, moisturizers and more.  Shop our selection of skin care ingredients to elevate your current range or jump start a new idea.

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  1. Trade Name INCI Function Supplier Amount
  2. Salicylic Acid
    Salicylic Acid Salicylic Acid
    USD $917.12
  3. Kalama Sodium Benzoate
    Kalama Sodium Benzoate Sodium benzoate Preservative Emerald Kalama
    USD $363.00
  4. SustOleo™ BG
    SustOleo™ BG Brassica Glycerides Structuring INOLEX
    USD $857.85
  5. SustOleo™ BA
    SustOleo™ BA Brassica Alcohol Structuring INOLEX
    USD $867.85
  6. PER-SUST™ 504
    PER-SUST™ 504 Hydrogenated styrene/ butadiene copolymer Rheology KRATON
    USD $152.36
  7. D-Biotin
    D-Biotin Biotin Active DSM
    As low as USD $911.98
  8. BioEstolide™ 250
    BioEstolide™ 250 Acetyl Ethylhexyl Polyhydroxystearate Emollient Biosythentic Technologies
    As low as USD $679.86
  9. STAY-C 50
    STAY-C 50 Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Active DSM
    As low as USD $2,657.75
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9 Results

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