LexFeel™ N5 MB

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USD $7,500.05

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A natural and sustainable emollient that has the sensory feel of cyclomethycaine and dimethicone that is Eco certified and readily biodegradable.
Suitable, as an alternative to cyclomethicone, for improving skin feel in creams and lotions, as well as enhancing shine and texture in hair care such as conditioners, anti frizz and styling products.
In natural formulations, it can be used to reduce the greasiness of natural oils. It can also be used for stick and roll on antiperspirants and for foundations and hot pour cosmetics.
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Grade Technical
SKU 16136404
Trade Name LexFeel™ N5 MB
INCI Diheptyl Succinate & Capryloyl Glycerin / Sebacic Acid Copolymer
Supplier INOLEX
Package Type Drum
Chemical Processing Use Conditioners Cosmetics Cyclomethicone Replacement Dimethicone Alternative Emollient Hair Care Hair Conditioner Lip Balm Lipsticks Moisturizing Cream Formulations Shampoo Sun Care Products
Availability In Stock
Synonyms Capryloyl Glycerin / Sebacic Acid Copolymer & Diheptyl Succinate Diheptyl Succinate & Capryloyl Glycerin / Sebacic Acid Copolymer
Color Yellow
Odor Mild
Flash Point > 190 °C (> 374 °F)
Chemical Form Liquid


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